Tickets: Adults: £6, Children (5-18): £2

Summary of meeting held on 6 December 2019 at the Museum.

Present: Robert Paul, Trevor Bone, Pamela Masters, Jacqui Griffyths, Richard Powell, David Talbot, Nicola Hems (Curator)


Some ‘reserve funds’ have had to be used to cover additional costs associated with the quayside wheelchair lift, and the Cookes Staithe purchase.

The final payment from the LEADER grant and the income from Gift aid is expected in January 2020.

Operating costs throughout the winter months continue at around £3 – 4k per month.

Grant funding will be sought to cover the cost of additional batteries for Marsh Harrier’s lift.

All mooring spaces at Cookes Staithe are now let and that the income should be sufficient for the first loan repayment due in July.

The Development Working Group

The Curator gave a presentation about the future development of the whole museum site and reports were handed to each Board member.

An asbestos survey will be arranged (whole site).

An application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund will then be considered for funding of all remedial work required and also for the proposed new ‘Collections Store’

Management Team

The next Management Team meeting will focus on the recruitment and training of volunteers.

Boat Operations

A group has been formed to look at all boat operations and staffing. Reports from this group will be circulated following a second meeting in January.

Board Recruitment

The Chair restated the importance of identifying potential new trustees able with legal and IT skills.

Business Plan Update

The consultant is awaiting figures from David Talbot in order to complete the Plan. Once completed, the draft would be presented to the Board

Any Other Business

LEADER representative to visit the Museum next week

Highways had commenced restorative work to the Public Staithe

More signage needed on the river approach to Stalham

Discussions about possible future joint events are taking place with the new owner of the Mermaid’s Slipper restaurant

The Chair attended the ‘Excelsior Trust’ annual celebration and investigated the possibility of joint events

The IBTC is considering taking the Brooke boat.

A local firm may sponsor aspects of the Museum’s work.  Talks are ongoing.

Summary of Meeting of Board held on 13th September 2019


Trustees and Directors: Robert Paul, Trevor Bone, Pamela Masters, Jacqui Griffiths, Richard Powell

Curator: Nicola Hems

It was unanimously agreed to officially co-opt Richard Powell as a trustee/director.

Cookes Staithe: 

  • Proposed sale of remaining items to take place on October 12th
  • Cost or an electrical inspection confirmed at £225
  • Asbestos surveys to be investigated by Trevor

Marsh Harrier:

  • Discussion about current  problems with electrical system
  • Final Leader claim now due 31 October

Museum Development Working Group:

  • To meet next on 18 September

New Trustees:

  • Robert currently assessing new trustee applications

Report from Management Team meeting 09 September:

  • Items covered: maintenance of site, boat operations, events for 2020, admission prices for 2020, benefits for ‘Friends’, branded clothing for volunteers.
  • Discussion about the viability of the restoration of the Brooke cruiser, return of Esox and possible options for 2020, and the volunteers’ event on  15 November .

Business Plan:

It is hoped  that Julie Cole will present to the Board before the end of October.


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