Open from 25 March 2020, Sunday-Friday, 10:00 - 16:30 | Adults £6.00, Children £2.00

Annual Exhibition

The Lost Railway of the Broads

How would you travel to the Museum of the Broads? By car, by bus or by boat? But probably not by train. Trains last stopped at Stalham on 28 February 1959, and all the track and most of the buildings were removed long ago. The Lost Railway of the Broads is the story of the line that ran from Great Yarmouth to North Walsham, the line that brought tourism to the Broads. It is the special exhibition for 2019, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the closure of our M&GN Line.

If you’re a railway buff, or just like history, old photos and holidays, this is one for you! The exhibition includes memorabilia from the line, model railways, a waiting room and ticket office, the story of child evacuees and lots of photos and posters. As seen in the EDP, it’s on until 01 November 2019.