Tickets: Adults: £7 Children (4-18): £3

Annual Exhibition

From Sails to Blades – How Wind Power Shaped the Broads

This year, it seemed appropriate to look at the impact of wind on the Broads landscape, its social history and its economy, particularly in the wider context of the contemporary need to increase our use of green energy – including through wind turbines.

Wind has powered the Broads for centuries and many of the Museum’s exhibits relied on the power of the wind to work.  The exhibition looks at the development of windmills and wind pumps and how they shaped the landscape.  We consider the impact of invaders and discover the sail boats used by the Romans and Vikings.  For centuries, the Broads economy relied on specialised Broads’ craft such as the Keel and Wherry, and then on sailing boats hired by the holiday industry.  Wind power has left its mark on the Broads.

And what of the future?  The first electricity generating wind turbines in Norfolk were situated in the Broads landscape at West Somerton and off the coast of Great Yarmouth.  Wind continues to play a major part in the economy and in the lives of people living within the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

We thank the Broads Authority for its support and hope you enjoy discovering the impact of wind power on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads!